VIDEO #3:  We love your comments!  Now…answers for your questions! 

OK…so we really tried hard to keep it short. But we failed. There were so many questions it took us almost 46 minutes to answer them!!!!! We made an executive decision to deliver you a REALLY long video. All for free, may I add. :)

Ever asked yourself any of these questions:
  • Where do I start?
  • Am I the only one with no clue what to charge for my work?
  • Aren’t you afraid people will steal your brand or steal your work?
  • What do you think of “perceived value” pricing?
  • How do you choose your target audience?
  • It takes money to make money. How do you break that cycle?
  • If you have multiple interests, is it wise to keep them all?
  • What time frame is required to actually create a strong personal brand?
  • What’s more important: The business brand or my personal brand?
  • What’s the one big thing I can do right now to get a quick win?
  • Do you have to be aggressive to make and launch your personal brand?
  • How do you do gigs and build your reputation simultaneously?
  • Should I ask my mentor to be my partner?
  • What is the best source of source of support?
  • How do you brand yourself if you work for a firm that you don’t own?
  • How do you brand yourself when your work is dry? (i.e. law)
  • Is this an ongoing process?

Ask us your questions below! Watch the entire 46 minute video, and share your advice on how to be irresistible in business!

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  1. Paul Frisoli

    Thank you thank you for the comments! Very helpful! This is such a great place to start with personal branding…and I like it ;-)

    • See….who loves you Paul??? :)

    • Michelle

      Our pleasure, Paul, you’re questions were great and really made us think!

  2. This video is great! Full of content and it’s free. Make sure you watch it in it’s entirety.

    • Jeff – We are flattered!

    • Michelle

      Thanks Jeff, you’re always such a great supporter and we appreciate it. Keep me posted on your progress…

  3. Good stuff, Ladies! It seems to me that one of the issues people have when branding themselves is trusting what they already know and just diving in. We have to practice connecting and listening to our intuition, something I believe both of you have accomplished. Kudos.

    • Thanks Monique! You’re RIGHT ON!

    • Michelle

      Hi Monique!! Long time no see. Lovely profile picture ;) It’s great to see you here working on your brand – I look forward to seeing updates from you!

  4. I just received the email announcing video #3 – I am in the middle of the work day but oh yes! tonight when I close down everything this is what I am watching. I am a true follower now since last summit, I cannot express enough how thankful I am that you give this valuable content for free because I need it, I find comfort on you both knowing that you are out there going through the same obstacles. Thanks for the gift of sharing. Cheers, Grace Della

    • Grace Della – That made me blush. :)

    • Michelle

      Hi Grace!! It means so much to us to hear this and thank you for supporting the summit! I am working on Summit IV AS WE SPEAK so stay tuned for info on that. Best, M,

  5. I NEED BRANDING!!!! I do need focus. One of my strong points is that i do alot of things, but at the same time its a hindrance. I am a creative and entrepreneur, and need to make it work for me AND juggle a family. I am great with the design, I need help with the business and marketing of it. THANKS for answering my question.

    Every time i am about to post a question, you guys are answering them. I have multiple talents or things I am into and need to choose. I can also be too nice on pricing or being firm with what i feel is compensating, so often gets frustrated that I may be being used or allowing it.

    Love your videos!!!

    • Michelle

      Niki thank you so much for that feedback – it keeps us going to know we’re really making a difference! Big hug, M.

  6. LOVED this. I will be sad when #4 is over :-(

    Here is my question.

    What if people don’t see the value of creating a brand? How do you convince them. Believe me there are people out there that do not see it.


    • Michelle

      Tammy, “You can teach a turkey to climb a tree… but it’s a hell of a lot easier to find a squirrel.” That’s what I say to that – don’t waste you’re time convincing non-believers of the value, they’ll figure it out soon enough as YOUR brand grows ;)

  7. Hola Michelle/Jessica!

    Thanks again for this wonderful video! I had to tweet both of you right away this morning; I’m just too excited. I experienced a level of serendipity that you wouldn’t imagine. You guys answered the question I’ve been asking myself for the last 2 weeks!! I’ve been working like a ninja for 2 months on my multimedia food project after leaving a corporate job and as I’ve been digging deeper into the developing stage that I still am on this project (and as silly as it may sound) I’ve found myself having difficulty explaining people What is it exactly that I’m doing?/ What is my title? It would literally take me 5 minutes and more than 3 sentences to explain it. And that’s not right, and I knew it!
    So last night, as you were answering a question about branding yourself while having a multitude of passions/interests/skills, I finally got it! Listening to both of you explain the issue SO CLEARLY and also talk about how important “The big picture” is for any brand, gave me the level of clarity that I needed. I’ll always be a woman of many hats in my heart (and I take pride on that!), but thanks to you ladies, I’m no longer Carrol: Musicianwho’sdoingfoodvideosandaproducerandablogger…
    I’m Carrol Luna: Multimedia Artist specialized in Food!


    • Michelle

      Carrol I LOVE IT!!! That’s awesome, and at least at first blush it looks “niche-y” enough. My new thing right now is: “So how are you UNIQUE” – what’s the ONE THING that no one else has that you have? That’s your unique selling proposition (your USP or UVP – value proposition) and you need to know what it is. You’ll know you have it when you can use the word “ONLY” in your description ;) Let us know when you’ve got it!

  8. I love your videos!! Thank you so much for your priceless personal branding advice, Michelle and Jessica!!

    Please advise me on two questions:
    1. Should I identify a personal brand accountability partner who targets my same industry, Membership Organizations, who is not a direct competitor?
    2. Does gender of potential personal brand accountability partner matter?

    With gratitude,
    Brenda Leguisamo

    • Brenda – Gender doesn’t matter. Industry doesn’t matter. Just grab someone who won’t let you sell out on yourself….

    • Michelle

      Brenda, gender is irrelevant, just get someone who motivates you and keeps you moving forward – not someone who brings you down or who is overly critical. I think you’re niche is small (which is good!) so you may struggle to find someone with your same expertise, but I don’t think it’s necessary. Just find a creative thinker who balances out your strengths. Big hug :)

  9. Lisa

    Is it a good idea to DIY when it comes to building a brand or should you pay someone to shoot your headshot, build your website, etc. Can you recommend good companies that you’ve worked with in the past?

    • Lisa – Photos are such a HUGE part of your brand. Go with a pro.
      I’ve used two photographers down here in Miami that I highly recommend…

      • Michelle

        Lisa I’ve used both of these photographers too and can honestly say they are wonderful. Anais is a good friend and very talented, she has shot our Summit in the past. And Tabatha is actually our Headshot Workshop photographer:

    • Michelle

      Lisa (part 2) – I actually made the mistake of teaching myself to build websites and built all my own – now I’m a slave to those same websites. Had I started off hiring someone, I am 100% certain I would be better off. I recommend looking at CMS systems (content management systems) that you can update and add content to, rather than building a static site. Email me mv @ makethembeg and I can introduce you to a good designer with good prices. Nice guy too.

  10. If you develop your personal brand instead of your business brand, when the time comes to sell your business, you will receive a lower price. What makes a business valuable? Goodwill. The goodwill from a business brand is generally more transferable than the goodwill from your personal brand.

    • Douglas – I totally agree with you. If you’re looking to sell something then back away, your business brand equity will be what determines the value of the company. However, it’s your personal brand that will allow you to build MULTIPLE businesses…once you sell that business, what comes next? Good point, Douglas!

  11. Michelle

    Thanks for commenting, Sherry. I like that you have your name followed by your moniker – “Your Photo Angel” good use of personal branding.