VIDEO #2:  Is personal branding just for ego-maniacs? 

In video #2, Michelle Villalobos and Jessica Kizorek stop everything to dispel the most prevalent myths around personal branding. What excuses have YOU come up with to avoid making the effort? Want to hear what the three most common ones we know of?

Michelle and Jessica outline the seven-step roadmap to design a brand around your name and your image that has real staying power.  First, you’ll need to look down the road several years and make some decisions about where you’re headed. No use creating a brand that isn’t totally aligned with your long-term goals.

We’re not into wasting time or money.

We’re into smart investing.

We’re into the long term benefits of making a name for ourselves.

Are you?

Watch this 14 minute training video that will give you the all seven steps to impress the people around you and Make Them BEG for your professional skills!

This is what you’ll learn:
  • The three most common myths around personal branding
  • The one small difference between charging $70,000 and $3,000,000 in fees
  • Why your Google search results will either raise suspicion or entice buyers
  • Your guaranteed biggest obstacle to personal branding and how to solve it
Ask us your questions below! Watch the entire 14 minute video, and share your advice on how to be irresistible in business!

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  1. Paul Frisoli

    Hey there…thanks for the 7 steps…very up my alley and practical. And Jessica, you know how practical I am! So I’m thinking about what you all said and here are my questions:

    1) I work in the non-profit sector. Do you have to be aggressive to make and launch your personal brand? I can see some potential clients not really jiving with the whole launch thing.

    2) Casting my net requires time, time, doing gigs and building my reputation with those people. How would you suggest building a personal brand taking that into account?

    I have a lot more thinking and processing to do. Thanks for the prompts!


    • Paul – great questions. Keep in mind that your “launch” can be quite simple and elegant. Especially in the non-profit segment (where cost is always a serious consideration), you’ll have to do a particularly good job of clearly defining your worth if you want to make decent money. The more well known you are, the higher demand there will be for your brain power. As for the reputation side of it…we’ll address that in the next video! Thanks!

    • Michelle

      Hi Paul. It’s our pleasure! When we say launch, it can look an infinite number of ways. For example, a while back I gathered a group of trusted professional women and “pitched” my summit idea by telling them about what I wanted to create. I didn’t realize it at the time, but that was a type of “launch” of myself as someone committed to helping women become more successful. You could do something small, with your close friends and family, or you could go all out like Jessica did when she did her 1 year anniversary. The real key is to remember that what you declare PUBLICLY becomes much more real. It’s kind of like taking vows in front of witnesses when you get married.

  2. I will be soon asking questions, I just wanted to let you know that after the last summit I went – I was HOOKED on you both. I watched every single video. I am enchanted by you both. I am a local with a local business – and I can’t tell you how important it was for me to be now part of your community because I am now looking forward to your vidros, newsletters and more!
    Grace Della

    • That makes me happy Grace! Bring on your questions!

    • Michelle

      YAY GRACE!! I’m honored by your lovely words.

  3. great girls tku for forwarding your great energy and advice. I am casting my net, linking with great people and creating a format which invites birth workers and mamas to share best practices for better outcomes in birth through fun, informative artistic right brain gatherings and classes. I have been getting good advice from a mentor. Should I ask her formally to be my partner? Or continue as we are now? She is way more established already and loves what I am doing. I am still having trouble affording pulling it all together on the web. I did not find my self on googleism. I know the people who can help me at the moment its simply writing the check to move forward. to learn more check out the series of talks coming up on my web site called, the Instinctual nature of Birth and Birthing from Within Child birth preparation classes. I hope to video the talks and post as well. Thanks again for keeping me in the loop . one love

    • Hey Sharain – I know the feeling. A website is a living breathing creature that takes time, energy, and nurturing. My advice is to get up ONE SINGLE page…something really quick and easy that you can build on later. Be careful with partnerships… I’ll make sure to tell you about my relationship to Michelle, and why we’ve been very careful not to enter into any full scale partnership agreements. Most of the time you can get what you want from people without being official business partners.

    • Michelle

      One more thought, Sharain, on partnerships. Partnership is like marriage… most of them fail. Partnerships have the highest failure rate of any type of business. Consider taking a “baby steps” (pun intended!) approach to any partnership. Jessica K. and I have grown into our partnership, and as she said, even now it’s not a full scale partnered business. We maintain our separate businesses and come together on specific projects. Food for thought…

  4. yes tku jess, I sort of agree. I am not doing too badly then I have a few pages just google ItalPath

    I want to add SEO and all the rest. IF I hire or figure it out myself its moving along. So if you know any mamas or birth workers including OBGYNs’s, nurses and midwives send them my way for inspiration and great connection. have fun with your blog. tku one love sharain

  5. ok forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i said that ..this is about branding and having business come to me. when you have time check out the web site and let me know what you think. Should I be doing a blog..? Q and A sessions like the ones you are now doing?

    • We’ll answer that one too! Come back if you think of anything else… :)

    • Michelle

      Sharain, I like both of those ideas. I’m thinking there are a lot of misconceptions around what you do – you could become the “myth debunker” – how about a “Natural Birth Myth Debunking Blog?” I’m sure you could think of a more “elegant” title, but that’s the gist of it. Just a thought ;)

  6. I received this from my friend and I think it is a very good video!


    • Yobe – You’ll have to thank your friend on our behalf!

    • Michelle

      I’m glad you listened to your friend, Yobe!

  7. Berta

    I enjoy watching your videos they are very informative and fun. The challenge I am setting for myself is finding that person who will push me. My question: what is the best source for finding that person? Is it like a life coach?

    • Berta – Great question! That’s one of the reasons I started Badass Business Women…to bring together women who wanted to push each other. A life coach can be a great source for that… I’ll talk about it in the next video!

    • Michelle

      Berta, I’m a big fan of coaching – business coaching in particular – as I have seen huge growth in my company since I started working with one about a year ago. Just today she (my coach is Jody Johnson, of ActionCOACH Team Sage) and I went through my quarter 2 financials and I was blown away at how our cash flow has improved. And that’s just one piece of it. The benefits I’ve personally experienced are amazing. The key is to 1) find someone you “click” with, and 2) make sure they have systems, processes and a STRUCTURE within which you work. There are a lot of “fly-by-night” coaches out there, do your homework on the front end so you can see the results on the back end – not to mention you’ll enjoy the process more.

  8. Patricia

    Thank you for the great videos. How do you brand yourself if you work for a firm that you don’t own? Do you brand your specialty? I am not sure I will be with my current firm long term, but I am not ready to go on my own. Also how do you brand yourself when your work is dry (i.e., law)? I like it, but I know the average person doesn’t.

    • Patricia – I love that question. It is a very fine line. But branding yourself INSIDE a company makes you worth more to that employer. It also makes it easier to transition between employers, then start something on your own when you’re ready. Plus, accounting is way more boring than law. :)

    • I actually just got hired by the CEO of a 800 person company who wants me to help brand his key employees. That’s a smart businessman. And a confident entrepreneur. My kind of client!

      • Michelle

        Such a good point, Jess… the best leaders are the ones who truly want their talent to develop themselves and brand themselves. Those CEOs who jealously guard and hoard their people, keeping them slaving away in obscurity, are on their way out.

    • Michelle

      When you brand yourself within another company, not only can you transition more easily, you can command more money because you’re IN DEMAND – you’re a known entity. And your greatest asset is likely your rolodex, the network you’ve built. Not so long ago, when you’d leave a company you’d leave behind your rolodex. With the advent of LinkedIn and other social media, that asset stays with you.

  9. Wonderful! Loved this one better than the first. You talked about personal and business branding – my segment is social media branding. Individuals/companies come into the social media space and leave their branding behind and they don’t understand the huge component of SEO and their Googlism as you mentioned! It’s important! Thank you so so much! Can’t wait til 3 and 4!
    Tammy Hawk-Bridges

    • Michelle

      Yay Tammy thank you so much for the comment. Yes, the “footprint” we leave behind online BECOMES our brand to the world. It’s imperative to manage that brand. Thank you so much for sharing with your audience!

  10. Claudia

    I always enjoy your positive, no non-sense approach to things! As I embark into a new venture for myself into something that I am truly passionate about, I feel like I’m working non-stop and getting a bit frustrated. I want to ensure I make a great first impression as I go out to present my service to local businesses, so I’m currently working on all the behind-the-scene things, like website, setting up facebook, blog and twitter, new client agreement forms, brochures, business cards, partnerships with local providers, etc. and all this takes much longer than I anticipated.

    I don’t want to start promoting the site and my brand until all “ducks are in a row”. Yet, I want to shout to world NOW how cool this is! But as I listen to the steps you point in the video, I realize I am on the right path.

    Thanks for keeping me in track and continue to inspire me!

    • Michelle

      You’re welcome, Claudia! I totally empathize with your frustration, it seems to take longer than it should but it’s worth the extra work on the front end. One thing to watch out for – sometimes when we put so much work in at the beginning stage, sometimes we get “attached” to what we develop. Take care to stay open to feedback that you get as you launch – and keep watching our videos. Our whole purpose is to save you some of the mistakes we made in the past. I know it’s hard but keep on trucking!!!

  11. Susan Menendez Isenberg

    Great video ladies!!! As always, your videos are well thought out, concise and very effective…here’s to your success!!

    • Susan – Where’s my glass of champagne for that toast?? :) Yes…to all of our success…YOURS INCLUDED!!!

    • Michelle

      Thanks so much, Susan!

  12. Deborah M

    You guys make learning fun and always give me something to think about how I can put it into action.

    1. What is the ‘one big thing’ I can do right now to get a quick win in building my personal brand?
    2. Why is it important to build a personal brand if I work in a corporate atmosphere and am not currently trying to run my own business?

    • Deborah – I love that we make learning fun for you. Yeah! We’ll make sure your questions get answered!

    • Michelle

      Thanks for your questions, Deborah, these are great and we’ll incorporate them into Video #3!

  13. Another great video with lots of sound advice. Keep it up! Enjoying the series very much. You’ve given me MORE to think about. Thank you! =)

  14. Hello ladies,

    Thanks again for putting out this information and sharing it with us. I am new at running my own business and was wondering if you could let me know what time frame is required to actually create a strong personal brand? Is this like an ongoing process? And also is creating the business brand more important to focus on first or should it be simultaneous.
    Looking forward to then next video.

    Thanks again you ladies rock!

  15. marina villalobos

    Jessica and Michelle: You two are the new dynamic duo; forget Batman and Robin! Great job! Fun, entertaining and full of important information. Congratulations on a job well done! Marina

    • Mom!!!!!! We love when you comment on our blog!!!!!!!!!!! We sang your praises in video #3 tonight, so keep your eye out!!!

    • Michelle

      Thanks Mom!! I love you :) Watch video #3 for a shout out to you in the beginning…

  16. Love this video, great stuff! I am also looking for my partner in crime to push me. I have had way to many that I try to push with me, while trying to push and learn myself. I’m ready for the next level!!! :-)

  17. alessandra crum

    are you in ny today june ten? if so where?
    great stuff , thanks

    • Alessandra – I’m in Miami today. It’s so weird. Everybody’s totally depressed about the Heat game. I’m like….huh? They lost? :) I’ll be back up in NY probably in July…

  18. Laura Sgroi

    Hi ladies!

    You did it again! Great job on this video!
    I’m catching up now, so I’ll watch the 3rd one in a few!

    We would love to hear more about Business Brand & Personal Brand.

    My personal branding is all about Lifestyle and Communications ….my fabulous business partner is Melissa Exposito, her branding is all about Communications, Fashion, and she is also an Entertainment Lawyer….we own The Media Duo, a boutique communications firm!

    Can’t wait to learn more about how to manage all this branding!

    Thanks again for your great tips!


    Laura Sgroi

    • Michelle

      Yay Laura! Thanks for commenting and sharing. Keep us posted on your progress… Ciao for now, M.

  19. You two got me to rethink my whole site! I rebuilt it in a weekend (and then some) and really clued in to what you were saying. Redesigned it. Did new photos! New logo! I had to make it match what I’m really about instead of what I think people ‘might’ want to buy! LOL! HUGE difference.

    Thanks for the awesome videos and for being you.

    Muchos lurv and respect.

    • Great work! I find that sites need to be rethought constantly. And your site looks AWESOME!!!!! Do you have before and after screen shots? I’d love to use your work as a case study…it’s gorgeous…

  20. I started really looking at my work and like others, (i see) really look into what i wasnt branding myself as, and also to rethink- experiment with things people already branded me with. I do a few things, so i am taking one step at a time- to rethink my websites, and eventually consolidate them. One site that was giving me grief is my art website. before it was dark, heavy, and didnt have much of my actually ART on it (i had more on facebook) now the new site is simple, functional, an the focus is my art, and all my art related links, as well as a facebook just for my art.
    I do have before and after screen shots if needed.
    Also, thinking ahead, i purchased my name’s url because eventually i want to have one brand, but also to have a starting point to show all that i am and into…. but still working in progress :-)

    • Niki – We’re so proud of you! Definitely want those before and afters!

  21. Jessie Fletcher

    Hello and thank you for video #2. Personal branding….so important. I am in the process of creating a food product for the specialty food market. I am new to this and struggling to find the right talent to design my logo/branding. Being that I live in a very rural area, I have put my feelers out to find the right person. Not every graphic artist is the right person to brand your product. Because branding is such an important part of what your business is, my question is, how do you find the right person when everyone seems to be an “expert” in their field? The wrong logo/branding could make or break your product.

    • Jessica

      Jessie – You’re going to have to pick a REALLY tight niche audience, and a very specific type of branding that you can be top of mind for. That’s my advice! Good luck!

  22. Debbie Payne

    Jessica and Michelle, Thanks so much for your words of wisdom on branding. I’m a graphic designer, and I create brands for other people including my own business. As you talked, I realized that in the process of refining my business brand now, I don’t have a personal brand, or have never pinpointed or realized I needed one. Back to the drawing board to define my personal brand…I have your 7 step list and I am going for it…hopeful for the future!

    • Jessica

      Yeah! Glad to hear you’re hopeful!

  23. Jan

    I don’t have time to drag my feet any more. If not now – when? I have done the work and now it’s time to get it out there and reap the rewards. I see a lot of people are no secure with their brand, self or sure about what they have created. Guess that’s understandable. But I’m very positive and believe I can do it. I’m pumped up and will do something every single day to make this happen. And I have the person in mind that will hold me accountable and push me. In fact, I have 2. I’m so excited. THANK YOU, again.

    • Jessica

      Yeah! Go Jan!

  24. Steph

    Hey Ladies–
    GREAT content! This page was referred to me by someone who read one of my posts in a FB networking group! I was asking what exactly ‘personal branding’ meant and now I have a very clear understanding… Thank you!

    Can you tell me how I would go about branding myself within a network marketing company? I find business partners who want to create a business that pays them even when they’re not directly working it, and then I show them how to duplicate our system to find their own business partners… Many people work with a network marketing company, so how do I go about making myself *stand out* and be different from all the others that provide the same services I do??? That’s my biggest question… Thank you!!

    • Jessica

      Steph – Several of our students are also in this field, so you’re on the right track in pursuing this knowledge base. Top tip: You have to have YOUR OWN voice, and cultivate a tribe who wants to listen to what you have to say.

  25. Thank you for such wonderful information. You two are so adorable, bright and full of wisdom. Love your openness and honesty. I, too, am not so comfortable in the limelight. I watched the second video and I love you. Yeah! Now I just need to Goya…