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Michelle Villalobos & Jessica Kizorek

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  1. Berta

    Fantastic video. I learned some very important concepts. You guys are fantastic. I have my own pediatric occupational therapy practice and have had a hard time outsourcing billing and financial management, two things I have great difficulty with, because I have felt it is a big financial cost. This video gave me a lot to think about. Thank you.

    • Jessica

      Thanks Berta! I love hearing your takeaways!

    • Michelle

      Oooooh, stop thinking and take the leap! Jody Johnson (my ActionCOACH) says something along the lines of – if you can afford half their cost for 3 months, they will earn the other half through the time they save you (assuming they do a good job, of course). Don’t quote me on that – I’m going to tag her in a Facebook post to see if those numbers are right – check back in a bit above.

  2. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us, Michelle and Jessica!! I absord everything you share with passion then take action to implement. I truly value what you deliver and also love you both too!! I believe each person on earth should reach for the stars – there are plenty of stars in our universe. All can create the multi-millionaire or even multi-billionaire lifestyle. Why not?! If we believe and learn from each other with inspired action, good intentions and collaboration, we can achieve everything our heart’s desire. Cheers to reaching for the stars!!

    • Jessica

      Brenda…I love your enthusiasm!

    • Michelle

      Brenda LOVE watching you implement and continue to grow every single day!

  3. Love it! Personal branding is key. Thanks for sharing Michelle and Jess.

    • Jessica

      You bet Jeff! Thanks for letting us entertain you! :)

    • Michelle

      Thanks for watching and commenting, Jeff. You’re well on your way with your brand, I see :)

  4. WOW! I loved the video. Just what I needed to hear. Thank you so much!

    • Jessica

      Trudy – Glad we delivered what you needed to hear in the moment. Don’t you love how the universe works like that?

    • Michelle

      YAY! Thank you Trudy-Ann.

  5. Robyn

    Great video!! As a woman owner of an office supply company it’s interesting to learn about personal branding considering how much competition my business has. I learned a lot at the woman’s empowerment summit and I look forward to hearing more about more tips. Thank you for the inspiration.

    • Jessica

      Robyn! That’s music to my ears! Yes…branding yourself makes it much easier to compete. Keep us posted on your coffee business…we want to see the results of you implementing these tips! Come back and share a success story!

    • Michelle

      Our pleasure! Thanks for attending the summit – hope to see you back again!

  6. Loved the video. You are right, when you price yourself low it is a reflection of your value. Thanks for sharing and being real.

    • Jessica

      Yeah…it’s hard to escape the urge to price low. But now I’m building up a little muscle and it’s amazing what I’m getting!

    • Michelle

      Thank YOU Laura – PS you were great at the summit, thanks for participating :)

  7. How can we not want to grow our personal brand when we see you two having so much fun together building your own! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us with such generosity :)

    • Jessica

      You bet! We are having fun…sometimes I think…do I really get paid for this? lol

    • Michelle

      Aw shucks that’s sweet, Stephanie. Thank you :)

  8. I love this video. Great advice and great energy!

    I need to develop my personal brand, but

    “Where do I start?”

    I would really appreciate any tips…or even a check list or list of questions – I have so many goals, ideas and ambitions I don’t know where to start!


    • Jessica

      Rebecca – Great question! Thanks for asking! We’ll make sure we give you a seven step framework on the next video! Stay tuned.

    • Michelle

      Hey Rebecca!!! So excited to see you here engaging in this conversation. As a writer and editor, you are in a very POWERFUL PLACE to start branding yourself. Start doing it within your magazine and at your events. The next few videos will help – also consider emailing Jessica Lurie (contact info up top) to find out about our 1-day event in July… you could fly up for that and even stay with me at my place if you’d like, we would have so much fun…

  9. Thank you so so much Jessica and Michelle. This video was truly heaven sent for me tonight. I was just on the phone setting up my quickbooks with tech support and and help me put things in perspective. I just started my company making handmade custom fashion jewelry with a bohemian chic flair. At the moment I have been doing it all and quickly finding out the need to outsource and delegate. Not sure exactly where to go for that kind of help being that there is not budget for that at the moment. However all the points you raised about personal branding and pricing and finding that niche clientele are priceless. Thank you again for such valuable information. You ladies rock!

    Looking forward to more videos like this.

    Keep up the good work,


    • Jessica

      Francesca – It makes us soooooo happy that you’re putting our insights to use! Thanks for the testimonial! :)

    • Michelle

      Fashion / jewelry are a particularly interesting business model because so many entrepreneurs start out making the items by hand and selling them as “unique” and “handmade” – the problem is then scaling that business up (outsourcing) – without sacrificing the “mystique” (or prices for that matter). Eugenia Kim (who I interviewed at the summit) is a great example of someone who went from doing it that way to getting her high-end hats produced by others. PLAN FOR GROWTH EARLY. *Sign* I wish I’d done that…

  10. Great video! I’m a changed “business-woman”. Chat soon … I have so much to ask!

    • Jessica

      Priscilla – Tell us how the video changed you! Also…Post your questions HERE so we can respond to them in the next videos!!!

  11. Badass Business Women at their finest – love the video! Tweeting it out right now :)

    • Jessica

      You rock, Erika.

    • Michelle

      Thanks for sharing this!! We really appreciate it.

  12. WOW!! Loved reading this entire string of comments – and the responses – of COURSE Jess beat me to it ;)

    PS – Jess I want to have a picture, how did you do that?

  13. I absolutely agree. I feel blessed to be surrounded by individuals who are up to great things – such as Jessica and Michelle. I 100% see my value and recently totally revamped all my programs. I gladly said good-bye to the hourly packages. (It took me a long time to get there! I feel like I have absolutely arrived!) I love to hold the value in my clients and business partners.

    Keep up the great stuff!

    • Jessica

      AmondaRose! It feels good to have you in our corner. I’m totally flattered by your praise…. Keep it coming!

    • Michelle


  14. Jessica and Michelle, thanks again for this valuable information that is like the answer to my daily question, how to work less but more smarter. I own a massage office, and it’s just me running the show again because of budget limitations. I do have the advantage that in my specialty which is Lypossage, I’m the most or would say the only one sought out and found on the website, yet I am not pricing myself correctly. With what you just both said, I’m ready to reprice my service and stand out at what I’m worth. I have also started walking away from business that want more discounts on what is already discounted. Thanks again and look forward to more of your insightful training videos.

    • Jessica

      Maryuri! Great question! We’ll address this in the coming videos! Stay tuned!

    • Michelle

      Our pleasure, thanks for posting and please let us know how it goes as you work on this…

  15. Great Video! Thanks for sharing. Amazing energy from you both!!
    My biggest take away — learn to delegate more!!!
    Can’t wait for the next video. Thanks again.

    • Jessica

      Carmen…thanks for sharing your take away! We did manage to get a good vibe going during the shoot didn’t we? You’d never know that I was recovering from food poisoning and Michelle had a pinched nerve in her neck. :)

      • Michelle

        Ugh, I’m icing my neck AT THIS VERY MOMENT.

    • Michelle

      The delegation piece is the hardest – and the most important, because it’s what will free up your time to focus on the things that will raise your value.

  16. Cindy Alonso

    Love the video!! SO true!! You guys are great together!!

    • Ohhhhh….. :)

    • Michelle

      Thanks Cindy! We love working together….


    • Thanks Maritza~~~

    • Michelle

      GRACIAS!! We will… stay tuned for next video.

  18. This is amazing! And you really hit it on the head. You have to create an individual presence for yourself. And being in start up I have worked really really hard at making my brand.

    And the thing is, I have often had people ask me, aren’t you afraid people will steal your brand or steal your work? Well they can do that if they want, but at the end of the day – they are not me and that is what people are paying for.

    And about letting business walk away? That really hit home with me! After 10 months at this and working 18 hours a day I realized that I only have so much time in the day. I realized having a pricing structure that made me available to ANY business was a HUGE mistake! Businesses that were at the low price point actually demanded more of my time then higher price point clients. Which made me loose even more money, and I found that they did not appreciate my work as much as the higher scale clients as well. So now even though I am still in start up I am learning to say “no”.

    On the same spectrum, I believe in charging a price that is fair. My whole business objective is to make agency quality work available to a small business, my byline “we make small businesses look big”. I work for home, no fancy office, no employees so I am able to charge a lower price for the same quality work.

    It takes alot of learning!! Trial and error!

    This video is so wonderful! I have watched it twice!

    Tammy Hawk-Bridges

    • Tammy! I love your feedback. I know exactly what you’re talking about and really admire your courage for exploring the subject. You’re right…it does take trial and error. The reason we are publishing these videos is so you can learn from our mistakes. Then it won’t take you as long as it took us to succeed. :)

    • Michelle

      Exactly right, Tammy. People do and will steal your stuff – but at the end of the day, it’s like stealing the golden eggs from the goose, you’re still the goose and you’ve got an infinity of golden eggs to be hatched!

  19. What a great video Michelle & Jessica! The wealth of knowledge that you are willing to share is amazing and much appreciated! What I got from the video is the value of my service that I am offering clients. I can’t personally raise prices since I am a rep for a social selling company, but having a personal stylist for the evening with girlfriends and wine — there’s no price high enough for that! Thank you both so much!

    • Great Nancy! Good idea!

    • Michelle

      Awesome Nancy – that’s exactly how it’s done, by increasing the perceived value in a creative way (and regularly because competitors WILL copy you – even FRIENDS will copy you, as I’ve discovered), you can increase the price.

  20. So what do you ladies think about perceived value pricing, where you allow the customer to decide what to pay you for your work, asking them to make a conscious and honest decision about how they value your work? In theory, this is the ultimate pricing model for value based businesses. I’ve seen a couple of great examples of this at work, but never been brave enough to try it myself in anyway other than a “special” one time offer.

    • I don’t know how I feel about that. I’ve started asking my clients up front, “How much do you want to spend on this project?” I tell them “I can accomplish your goals in a variety of different ways, so give me some idea of your budget.” I also make it very clear that I charge $10,000/month. We can be flexible on project scope and deliverables, but if you don’t want to pay me for what I’m worth there’s other people that can help you. It takes practice…. and it’s gut wrenching in the moment. It actually takes a lot of …. well …. BALLS. :)

      • Michelle

        One way to do it “gently” is use the old “low, medium, high” technique. Say “on the low side, where you need/want (describe a basic product or bundle of services), my prices start at $X, on the medium side with more bells and whistles (describe a higher bundle), we’re talking $Y, and then if you want me to do everything and you need (throw in some really premium stuff here that you know would be exciting), then you’re looking at about $Z. Where do you think you fall on that range?” Now you’ve got a starting point… and when you discount be SURE to REMOVE items of value. Otherwise it can be interpreted that you were trying to take advantage and overcharge, which reduces credibility and trust.

        • You’re so smart Michelle. :) I’m gonna use that one.

    • Michelle

      PS Nanette, I like it in theory. I’ve done it when there’s a lot of trust already built up in the relationship. I like it because you can get a real feel for the client, but most clients are unwilling to throw out a price first, and kind of evade it and hem and haw when you try.

  21. Kim Hutchinson

    Wow.. You hit the nail on the head and the baseball OUT of the park!! Fabulous video!! Congratulations Michelle on how far you have come… and looking foward to watching your journey as it unfolds ahead…. .

  22. Great video Michelle. Some valiuable nuggets to apply to my business. Thanks for including me on the mailing list.

    See you soon!

  23. Hi Michelle & Jessica,

    Great job! Thank you for all of your free tips. I loved your video! I was very inspired because I do exactly what you were talking about. I find it a challenge to put a price on my services and know that I do not charge what I deserve. I will be in touch to find out more about your services.

    Again, thank you,

    • Hey Karen…glad to see you stepping up your game! Here’s a little more about my services. Notice the prices on the site itself. This was intentional…I only want to talk to qualify leads. You should do the same! It took me about 3 months to write the copy for this ONE SINGLE page. It’s no easy task to brand yourself, but it’s worth it.

  24. after listening to your gig, I googled personal branding further – the branding really seems to encompass a LOT…all things that are intertwined. that said, I think my brand has been so “verbal” and I am excited to create something “visual” despite that my firm of 15 years offers different services to different clients… it is what it is.
    ** thank you for the motivation of the ‘presentation’ of the branding!…it’s the book/blog/speech/articles that need to substantiate everything.
    you guys are a great team ~

    • Yeah….it’s got to be both verbal and visual.

  25. Ladies – before watching your video I had been planning on lowering my prices for the slow summer months but after watching your video yesterday I decided not to and today we got 1 client come to us and 2 others agree to a proposal. Must be all the badass thinking and great advice!

    Thank you!

    • Michelle

      Awesome! Standing firm… remember, some WILL and SHOULD walk away.

  26. Awesome video. Thank you both for sharing some powerful points. Specifically the pricing points. Realizing what I am worth made such a difference over the hourly rate. And the specific message for having a Personal Brand. Great to see you Michelle. Best to you both. Come bring your message to Alaska!!

    From one paradigm shifter to another, Bob

    • Thanks Bob!

    • Michelle

      Nice to see you here, Bob!! Thank you :)

  27. Love the concise nature of the presentation. You are not wasting any of my time!! That means it is high value and I’ll be watching everything else you send based on this high quality.

    • Awesome! Great news, cause the second video is even better than the first….!!

    • Michelle

      Thanks, Laurie, we are really trying to make these value-packed, glad to see your feedback, means it’s working!!

  28. Fantastic video! Feeling empowered! Lots to think about. Looking forward to the next. Thanks!

    • Michelle

      Thanks Julie!! We’re sending it out Thursday, I believe…

  29. Thanks for the video. It has happened to me many times – money talk is tough. I will definitely think of this video when I am thinking of being “nice”.

    • Michelle

      Lisette, you can be nice and still get paid a lot, I promise!!!

  30. Soaking and absorbing…new business in tough times.

    • Michelle

      Glad you’re here, Annette!

  31. I love this video. it helps me to identify somethings i have been doing wrong: ‘singing for my super’, not knowing my value, trying to do it all myself. There is alot of things i do, on top of that helping to market and brand others as well as significant others.

    My questions: it takes money to make money, how do you break the cycle and get the help you need to be all you can if you don’t have the money you need to make it happen to start with.

    Questions #2 if you have multiple interests or things you are good at/love to do, is it wise to keep all. How do you know which direction to pick. How to cross them into creating a better niche?

    • Niki – Great questions! We’ll make sure we address them!

    • Michelle

      Niki: My advice: #1 Find inexpensive, freelance help – elance.com is a great resource, I’ve found fantastic, extremely inexpensive help on there. #2 PICK ONE (or combine them into a more specific niche). The more top-of-mind you become, the more business will flow to you, and the more business that flows to you, the more you can charge. Keep in mind if you’re not charging a good amount for your services, or just charging a minimal amount over your costs, you have simply bought yourself a JOB! And a bad one at that… I’ll bet you didn’t strike out on your own so you could have a low-paying job working for the most slave-driving boss (you) who asks you to work for peanuts (or for free!!) Think about it…

  32. Hi Michelle and Jessica!
    Great Video! I’m just wondering if these same principles can be applied to a Makeup Artist career. I want Christian Louboutin clients; I don’t want to hustle for work.
    I always get bogged down in trying to get a logo design and trademarking that I lose focus. I’m also doing all my own marketing and trying to figure out mailchimp and content contact. It’s all so time consuming.

    Michelle Cameau
    Makeup Artist

    • Michelle

      Michelle, hell YES it applies to you as a makeup artist FOR SURE! By the way, I spent YEARS wasting hours on doing my own everything and I’ll tell you this much, the more I offload and outsource, the better business gets. One caveat: find GREAT PEOPLE and learn how to MANAGE THEM. This is a struggle and sometimes you might get frustrated and want to retreat back into “multi-tasking-micromanaging-land”. STOP YOURSELF and reconnect with these videos if and when that happens :)

  33. Finallyyyyy!!! a clear video and a straight forward message – Thank you for sharing your insights and knowledge! greetings from the Netherlands

    • Michelle

      Hi Cornelis, thank you for commenting and for your kind feedback. How did you find us?? :)

  34. miriam carnase

    Thanks Michelle and Jessica….
    Was feeling stagnant in my business, this is exactly what I needed to hear to move to the next level…

    • Jessica

      Miriam – I know the feeling. Stagnant is no place to be…..!!

    • Michelle

      So glad to hear that, Miriam! Keep on keeping on… and keep us posted on your progress.

  35. Great video… I wrote your three tips on the whiteboard above my desk. One of the biggest challenges I’ve had to overcome in growing my practice over the past three and a half years is properly pricing my services. It took me a while to learn that if I don’t value my time and price it accordingly, I can’t expect clients to. By raising prices and staying firm, I’ve sifted out clients who aren’t serious about their business and spend more time on clients who are and who value what I’m bringing to the table. Thanks for reinforcing this! And the EWSS 2011 was awesome too, thank you!

    • Serena – It’s so awesome that you wrote those three tips! When you write stuff down like that, it’s harder to forget WHO YOU ARE.

    • Michelle

      WOO HOO Serena that’s what it’s all about. Sometimes we have to “trick ourselves” (like by writing something down where we can always see it) in order to stay on track. I do that too… Thanks for the Summit feedback, I’m so glad you made it.

  36. Just wondering how you go about branding yourself and really finding a niche when you are just starting out?

    • Darren – That’s a great question. We go over that in the next video. We’re going to tell you the seven steps…starting with step one! Stay tuned…

    • Michelle

      Darren, go inward first and dig deep. That’s the part so many people skip (like I did in the beginning – probably ’cause it seems kind of “woo-woo”) but it’s the most essential piece. To do all the late nights and hard work it takes, you’d better brand yourself as something authentically you, it’s got to EXCITE YOU. For that to happen, it has to come from a place of what you truly love in life – even if it seems crazy at first. One example of how I had blinders on with this step… Years ago I was struggling with who I was and what I was “meant” to do. I was miserable at work and decided to go get personality/aptitude testing at the University of Miami. The result? The told me I should become a teacher. A teacher!!?? I was angry because I had already been a high school teacher for 2 years and it wasn’t for me. I didn’t stop to think there are lots of types of “teaching.” Guess what? I’m a teacher!! And I loooooooove it. I was just so closed-minded and adamant about what I DIDN’T want to be, I didn’t consider how I could create something different and just right… Once I dug deep and realized teaching could take multiple forms, I was able to find the right path for me. On another note, I also went and got certified in personality testing so I could help others with this step and save them some of the trouble I went through. Phew, that was long-winded and I got a little off topic! Point is: your brand must be aligned with your your passions, your interests and your talents. Hope it helps…

  37. Laurna James

    Great video and I certainly enjoyed the 2 days of empowered conference. In my Event & Wedding planning business I do everything and I have a problem on branding because I love it all from planning the event, day of management, decoration & floral design. I just cant seem to choose. Pricing is anothr thing, I have a big problem with pricing, I know that I’m not charging enough and not wanting to loose that business. How can I over come my fears and frustrations?

    • Great question Laurna! I know you’re not the only one with that question……

    • Michelle

      Laurna, Here’s one idea: get people knocking down your door with a badass personal brand, then you’ll HAVE to walk away from business!! And in choosing your brand, think about the “top of the sales funnel” – what’s the FIRST LEVEL draw to you by your best clients? For example, branding yourself as “day of management” only will be limiting because you’ll have to kind of work backwards to get the other elements, but branding yourself with the decor would likely encompass floral and lighting, and also lead to production and day of management, assuming you do a great job and your clients love what you create and want you to execute it.

  38. You guys did a terrific job with this video! It had a bit of a VLog ‘style” mixed with a little talk show flair to it! Very Informative. Thanks !

    • Thanks Reizel! We’ve worked for a year to develop our voice and style as a “dynamic duo.” So glad you’re impressed! And informed! lol

    • Michelle

      Thanks Reizel! I’m starting to learn to love these videos, despite my initial resistance. Proof positive that we need to push our boundaries!

  39. Very timely information and a reoccuring theme for me lately! As I “recalibrate” my business and add education and services, this is just what I need to hear. You gave me the confirmation I was looking for. Wonderful job – I will be watching future videos closely. Thank you!

    • We just shot another tonight!!!! Fun fun fun. Too bad I’ve got to work all night to get them up on the Internet for tomorrow. Ugh. I’d rather celebrate with champagne.

    • Michelle

      Yay Cheryl!! Good luck on your recalibration and please let us know how it’s going – and any challenges you face along the way so we can help!

  40. This is so juicy! You guys are just awesome. As a person who recently escaped cubicle nation and is currently embarking on a non-conventional project, all this information has been exactly what I needed to hear. Keep it coming!! Many thanks :D

    • Thank God you’ve escaped cubicle nation!!!!! Join the club!!!!

  41. Guys…this social dialogue is really fantastic. I acknowledge all of you who have stuck your neck out to learn something new! I’m so impressed by all the good vibes and ambition on this page!

  42. Jessica and Michelle have done it again! You ladies are an inspiration who will change the world. Or at least the mindsets of women (and men) who have never really understood the concept of price vs value. You have empowered women to take control of their financial destiny by giving them “permission” to raise their prices. After all, we are worth it! We have to do an interview with you two for WE Magazine for Women… just say when!

    Warmest regards,

    Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher

    • Heidi…you are too good to us! We’re ready for that interview!!!

    • Michelle

      Thank you SO MUCH Heidi!!! I’m starting to realize that price is the key to everything. A little obsessed at the moment actually. Would LOVE to do an interview on the topic…

  43. Tanya Dantus

    This was an awesome & amazing message & video. I really appreciate it, ladies. I really get what you were saying, Michelle, about narrowing your niche. I see how important it is to focus and articulate what you do and how that can really help when speaking to potential clients, etc. AND, I have a really hard time with this. I find that I love to do so many different things. I have spent a lot of time thinking about the diversity of what I’m good at and find it hard to narrow. Any further tips / pointers on this? Thanks, ladies!! you rock!!

    • Jessica

      Tanya – We go into this a great deal in the program…You have to think of narrowing as the entrance way to more clientele… what you do with that clientele doesn’t have to change from what you do now.

  44. I love what you ladies have to say about creating demand based on who you are, not what you do or how much you charge. What advice would you give to women entrepreneurs who don’t have much start-up capital and therefore have to hold down a day job while trying to build up an empire?

  45. Jan

    I absolutely loved watching this video and know a lot of things to do to get my personal branding on the web but the both of you have made it much easier for me to focus and take the necessary steps to do it (easier and better). After helping families in crisis for some years, I came up with 2 characters that are geared to helping children and families stay safe. SALLY SAFETY and DANGER DAN. I have seen a lot of young children and families die in house fires and developed an easy fire safety plan that children are excited to do and share with families. I came up with the Stop Light Theory, A Fire Safety List for families, A Parental Guide for mothers, caretakers, etc. The fact is – Danger lurks around us in every single thing we do. And we have to be wise of that fact. I’m so excited about my characters because they are there to help children, teens and families know – How To Play It Safe. So, now I’m in the process of offering my newsletters, information on safety to anyone who will listen and I’m getting a lot of positive feedback. I’m using the information I have learned from you Michelle and will love to meet you when I have completed my mission. I know now, I have to get others to do some things because I can’t do everything. I came up with the company, go along with the men to pick up goods and help families, write the newsletters, make the brochures, write the books, draw the characters – I do it all. But getting bogged down is something I would like to stop doing so I can focus on getting the quality materials and subjects that people are interested in hearing out to them. Things that can help people. Thank you so much for your videos and keep up the good work.

  46. This is hot! Okay Michelle, i’m like – 10 days away from my festival, scheduled celebrities will be in town, red carpet events, tons of stuff still to do, And what am i doing? Watching you guys at 11:00 on a Saturday night.

    When we met for lunch you mentioned a book or video that said I should check out. It’s been on my mind ever since, but i’ve just been so busy. I did promise myself to see it before the festival comes. And I’m glad i did.

    You rock! Can’t wait to see the others.

  47. Hi Jessica, first I just want to begin by saying Thank You! that being said I am 58 years old and open a dog grooming salon in Pa over a year ago. I live in the mountains of the Poconos, whenever you need to shop for anything you must get in your car and travel at least 15-20 miles. After much research realized there were no dog grooming shops, so the light bulb went on! I’ve been a hair stylist for over 30 years went to school and taught myself to groom dogs…I love it! I love animals and found a good location inside a shopping plaza… Rents is pretty high, but I was willing to take the change and my husband said go for it. Four months after I open another shop open down the block from me. A year later I’m struggling. After christmas until april I’m dead. To separate myself from the other shop, I make and design all my Doggie clothes, jewelry, and airbrush personalized pet mats. My question is I need help with branding myself. Don’t know how and don’t know where to start….Can you help me?

    • Jessica

      Haydee, passion, passion, passion! Start with your passion. We’ve just launched a new program called the Accelerated Learning Program, which is offered thru the Personal Branding Institute. You can get a ton of free content there, and if you subscribe to our mailing list, we’ll send you valuable tips if you’re limited on resources. Begin with identifying your passion for doggie clothes and honing in to become a ‘celebrity’ in that market. When you subscribe you’ll even get access to a FANTASTIC webinar that Michelle & I gave that talks about just that! Keep after it, and stay in touch, ya hear?

      p.s. If you haven’t already, subscribe to my mailing list for Badass Business Women, too. We’re all in this together, sister!

  48. Jessica,

    Saw you on the news this morning. Great presentation. I like your message e.g. your style – infectious, the pyramid – very understandable, and now your site – well done and engaging. Our non-profit is launching an educational/motivational service for people to give back and make a difference – to live with purpose and passion. We envision this to be a web-based conversation leading to opportunities for volunteering and personal growth.Take a look at our site and see if you might be interested in working with us.


    • Jessica

      Ron, thanks!!! I’ll take a look!

  49. Hi! I met Michelle today at the MBCC and you were awesome. I came back to the office and Caron had me sit and research you for a little bit. It’s fascinating. I am eager to learn more from you!

  50. I still don’t have a website but you can visit my FB page. I thank you so much for your info and will continue watching… As for now, I must say people continue to tell me to be more competitive but I am a true believer that my work is better and I do not succumb to lowering prices. I think I’m working slowly but grabbing only those customers who believe in my product. I do however need to learn on how to delegate because I have a lot of problems doing that and I get exhausted at times.
    Will never give up though because my passion is strong. THANKS AGAIN!

    • Jessica

      Great work! Just went and Liked your FB page… Cute stuff and no lowering prices!!!!!

  51. All I can say is THANK YOU!
    Personal Branding is what I’ve always been on the pursuit of & you ladies have confirmed that

    I do not have a business nor a concrete plan just yet but I do have a VISION.. In other words when I do decide the type of business I want to have I want it to be very personal, which is why the term personal branding really touched home.

  52. Wow, you two brilliant women are so accomplished. I am a Women’s Prosperity Network member currently working with sister Trish Carr. I love what you are about and will keep it in mind. Thank you for sharing and giving of yourselves. Look forward to meeting you tomorrow and hearing more wondrous information and having lots of laughs. Thanks for all. Lisa

Student Reviews

You and Michelle really did inspire me and Rodney to double our prices and succeed when we did. The more we believe in the value of what we offer, and the better we get at projecting that belief and confidence, the more success we find. And that's something you drove home to us and everyone who has watched your videos.

Stacey E. Blau

Make Them BEG has taught me confidence and perspective. We developed the ‘Start a Fire’ campaign marketing packages since I began watching the DVDs, and it made me realize that we were giving away incredible insight free of charge. These packages have allowed us to take pride in our work and in turn, our clients have begun to develop a greater appreciation for what we provide.

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After Make Them BEG, I have a greater sense of confidence around who I can be in the world.

Cindy Iglesias

Thank you so much. Just watched the first DVD, and wow….you guys have moved me! Several problems I’ve been stuck in are totally solved. I’m now in a new space. I feel the momentum building. I’m ready for what’s next. Bring it on!

Tara Taglienti

I knew that personal branding was vital to my business but today, I saw the big picture like I’ve not seen it before. Not only did I become aware of what’s not working in my business, but I’m walking away with great ideas and inspiration. Thanks Jess & Michelle – Make Them BEG LIVE rocked.

Osmara Vindel

After Make Them BEG I publically affirmed my plans of re-directing my career towards spiritual healing. For the first time I’m feeling more empowered and confidant than ever before in making such a huge shift. You gave me great advice on how to get started. Now that I see the end goal so clearly, I’m ready to get started.

Amber Izzard